News Article

On 1/9/2005, Wesley Pulkka, the art critic for the Albuquerque Journal reviewed Stetson's solo show installed at Papergami.  A few excerpts from the review:

"Diana Stetson’s “Eighteen Paintings” show at Papergami Gallery… reveals a strong sense of design.  The show is part of a series hosted by the gallery that specializes in the creative use of Japanese paper. Selected artists pull sheets of colorfully patterned paper from the gallery’s collection and turn them into works of art.

            Stetson has been making woodblock prints, monotypes and collages for years. Her work has an Oriental flavor that often includes flowers, birds and other animals.  The use of preprinted Japanese paper is perfect for Stetson’s sensibility. Her 18 works are successful while celebrating the beauty of the materials and her own inner light.

            Among my favorite pieces are the “Two tangerines” series and “After Albin: Still Life Fragement.” These works exemplify her graphic arts abilities. Other interesting pieces are “Under the Cherry Blossoms,” “Tree of Life #1” and “Seven rules of Tea.”

The show is full of sensitive brushwork that successfully interweaves printed and drawn imagery.”