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With this second event at the NM Land Office in Santa Fe, One Tree, Many Roots, my focus was on collaborating with the young artist/activist/educator Noël Chilton.  Noël presented several projects that she had worked on with the schools.  My favorite was a large installation at the Capital building, solar panels decorated by children made of recycled pizza boxes, which led to the legislators passing and funding a bill to supply solar energy to the Capital.  Governor Martinez vetoed the bill, but it will go forward eventually.  Our exhibition ended with a play put on by elementary children in Spanish, of a Zapotec legend about how precious our natural resources are, and how every element and living being is interdependent.  The children created fantastic masks to transform themselves into gods, goddesses, elements and living creatures.  It was a wonderful example of children grasping environmental issues more deeply through the creative process.  The photos here include a few images of the masks and the play, Noël touching up her students' paintings on the theme of biomimicry, and my contribution to the exhibit - larger oils and four woodblock prints of Native NM Trees.