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This spring I started a series in oil pastel on panel called Poetic Arks. I’ve been working putting all creatures into arks for a few years, in reference to arks being vessels that protect against extinction.  Lately I’ve been learning about the most critically endangered, and decided to step it up and represent them. All of the creatures and backgrounds are in oil pastel, with some patterns, vegetation, arks, fish, butterflies applied as acrylic transfers from vintage papers under the pastel.  

With this project, my intention is to bring attention to the critically endangered fauna and flora, estimated at 8400 species in 2022. Arks represent hope. Despair is not an option. However, neither is apathy.  My hope is that we all do what we can in a variety of ways, to help the species that are in danger. We form the interdependent web of life on this planet in their company.